Please remember to urgently sign and send through membership forms for the year 2017. We are fast approaching the AnnualĀ  General Meeting (Elective) of the Wesvaal Chamber of Business and your good standing will count for a lot of benefits in the upcoming AGM. Forms are available here.

Also note that renewal of membership may also be done in the same forms available online by ticking the correct box.

Membership benefits include amongst others the following :

1. InvitationsĀ  to the CEO'S Bosebraad - A session with influential CEO'S and Directors in Matlosana
2. Timely updates of Business related topics.
3. Networking and Access to our credible database of businesses and entrepreneurs in Matlosana
4. Value based eco-system of influence and support for members.
5. Membership certificate - ascertaining your business compliance with Best Practices
6. A wealth of information on trends, research access and platforms through our partners that includes higher education institutions as well as National Research Partners

Moving beyond individual interests to that of a collective group, the establishment of chambers provided merchants, traders, craftsmen and industrialists a public forum to discuss issues facing them as a business community. This representation of common interests became, and remains, the foundation of chambers of commerce worldwide.
Gaining acceptance from public authorities also helped the chamber cause. Public authorities rapidly established close dialogue with chambers, seeing them as the legitimate and institutionalized common voice of business. 
Today, chambers of commerce exist in almost every City of the world.

The Wesvaal Chamber of Business has been in existence since 1898 and is one of the oldest Chambers in South Africa and affiliated to the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI)


SACCI remains the most broadly based representative national business body, not only in South Africa, but in Southern Africa, focusing primarily on national and international issues
SACCI gives Chamber members national access and credibility via BUSA and Nedlac as well as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
As the “Voice of Business” SACCI assists its members by preparing and submitting policy positions on business related issues to government. i.e. International Trade, Taxation, Economic Affairs, Labour, Company Wellness, Education & Training, Information Technology, SADC, NEPAD, Small Business, Transport and Regulatory Affairs. SACCI also interacts with many other agencies on business issues


WHY every business person should become a member of our Chamber of Commerce?

Chambers have an important status, both within the country as well as internationally
It is therefore possible for the Chamber of Commerce to source information which would be difficult for an individual business person or trader to obtain on their own.
We pride ourselves on holding presentations on the very latest topics pertinent to the country and business, all information which will affect your bottom line.